Located directly under the beautiful St Johns bridge in Portland Oregon, Em Greenseth loves the surrounding community with a passion. Living a few blocks away with their wife and working directly with local artists and businesses to collaborate and encourage local growth, they are so pleased to find themselves working in the old Portland Woolen Mills building, which has turned into a growing artistic community.  They currently enjoy focusing on tattooing and watercolor, while still dabbling in other art forms. With a background in sculpture and conceptual design from New York, they bring to the table an excellent sense of spatial orientation, three dimensionality and color work which makes them are uniquely suited to creating one of a kind, beautiful pieces that can be cherished on your body for life. Em’s mission is to create a space where receiving a unique and personalized tattoo is a comfortable and safe experience for people of all bodies, skins, genders, lifestyles, sexes and presentations. They will work tirelessly to meet your needs both in custom design work and in your overall tattoo experience. When not in the studio, you can find Em hanging out with their birds, cats and dog in the backyard or tending to their hundreds of indoor plants. Thank you for choosing Em as your tattoo artist!