Q: How do I book a tattoo?

Using the Request an Appointment page, fill out a form and submit it with your information. After we get a chance to email about your tattoo idea and we agree to move forward and I have received your deposit I’ll and send you a link to use my booking system and you can find a spot in my calendar that works for you.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?

I require a $60 non-refundable deposit in order to book an appointment with me. This is a place-holder for your appointment as well as covering some of my drawing and design prep time. Touch-ups, Consults, and follow-up appointments don’t need deposits. As long as you give me 48 hours notice your deposit will cover two reschedules. After that or if you reschedule day of I will request an additional deposit.

Q: How much is my tattoo going to cost?

It depends! My hourly rate is 160 per hour. Unlike most artists, I only charge you for the time my machine is running. This is an attempt to cater to people including myself who deal with chronic pain, and create a space where breaks are absolutely fine, for me and for you, and I won’t charge you for that time. We will also spend all the time we need to make sure the design and placement is just right. The size, placement, colors, and overall design are all factors that play into the total cost of the tattoo. Once you submit your form, I should be able to give you an estimation of what your tattoo should cost.

Q: How do I get to your studio?

We are located in the large orange building, Cathedral Park Place underneath the St. Johns Bridge. The main entrance is in the Occidental Brewery parking lot. Enter through the glass door underneath the sign “Taproom” where the elmpixie tattoos sign is. Follow the signs at the top of the stairs to room 228.

Q: I want to get one of your original flash pieces or available designs! How much do they cost?

Q: What if I have other accessibility needs?

There is an elevator located in the front of the building underneath the Cathedral Park Place sign. We are on the second floor, through the double glass doors. Go straight down the hall, take a left and follow the elmpixie signs to room 228.

Q: I have a tattoo I don’t like, do you do cover ups?

You bet! I also am happy to work with you to improve and touch up/rework older pieces done by other artists.

Q: I have a tattoo from you from a long time ago I want to have touched up, can you do that?:

If it has been under a year since I gave you the tattoo, I offer touchups for FREE! If it has been over a year, I will do touchups to your piece for $40, to cover equipment costs.

Q: Do tattoos hurt?

Yes. They do. However, we understand that tattoos hurt, and we will do everything we can to make sure your experience here is as comfortable as possible. Pain tolerance, placement, even what kind of mental space you’re in all play a factor in just how MUCH each tattoo hurts.

Q. Do I need to have my design prepared before the appointment?

I will not tattoo another artists work unless it is approved by the artist. I will create a custom piece for you based on the images and information that you give me. You can absolutely have ideas prepared, but I will change things to work with my style, and to ensure that the piece looks good and works well with your body. If you are looking to get a replication from another 2D artist that is alive, you must have proof that the artist okays the piece being on your skin.

Q. Will I get to see my custom design in advance?

If it’s vitally important for you to see the design before the appointment, please give me a heads up. I usually work on and design smaller pieces the day before or the day of your tattoo. Generally you won’t see the finished design until you show up for the appointment.

Q. Will I get to see my watercolor design before the appointment?

I do not typically paint watercolor pieces on paper before the tattoo. Most of my color work comes to life in the skin. However if you need to see the full design before your appointment, I would be happy to watercolor your piece on paper for you for a $100 drawing/painting fee. You are welcome to keep the finished piece! If this is something you are interested in, please include that information in the form.

Q. Do you do walk-ins?
I do not offer walk-ins. Please book an appointment with me to get a tattoo.